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Guests FUMING As Bride Introduces A Weight-Based Dress Code

Guests FUMING As Bride Introduces A Weight-Based Dress Code

  • 10, Dec 2018
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by Sophie@hitched
Wedding guest dress shopping can be fairly stressful, so you’d think that being sent a strict guest dress code would get rid of all your shopping woes…….. (Read more)   Sadly, that is not what happened for many guests when one bride sent strict instructions about what she wanted her guests to wear on her big day. In fact, it just made the whole process worse. In a post to her guests in an Australian Facebook group which was revealed by the Daily Mail, the bride wrote: “The dress code is very specific because it will be used to create an incredible visual effect”.
She continued: “If done right, it will make our synchronised dancing along the beach really pop.”
Doesn’t seem so bad, right? Wrong – the bride went on to not only categorise the dress code by gender, but by weight, too!
She asked that women under 71kg should wear orange suede pants, green velvet jumpers and Louboutin heels, while women who weigh over 72kg wear all black jumpers and trousers and black heels.
Any men weighing over 90kg were asked to wear purple fuzzy jackets and white trainers, while the children had to wear red to form a heart in the planned video.
The bride wrote: “It needs to be true red, not blood orange or some bullsh*t.”

If that wasn’t enough, the bride-to-be concluded her post by demanding that her guests invest at least $1000 (£784) in their outfit.
She also reminded them that with a year and a half to prepare, she wouldn’t be tolerating any excuses.
The post read: “Additionally, we will require that you wear formal attire after the dancing has ended. Please bring a change of clothing. Remember, the venue is extremely upscale, and we want to be looking our absolute BEST ladies and gents.
“All jokes aside, we want you to invest in an outfit valued at at least $1000… this wedding is 24k themed for a reason.”
Potentially the post could be a joke, but it certainly seems possible after some of the bridezilla stories we’ve heard.
Members of the group couldn’t believe what the bride was asking of them, and the post has since gone viral.
One person commented: “She basically wants the women to look like fuzzy palm trees.”
Another added: “If you want me to wear at least $1000 in clothes and jewelry etc. You best be buying that stuff for me or reimbursing me for stuff I won’t wear again.”
We’re thinking this bride might have to re-think that strict dress code after all